About CK Concepts Capabilities

We specialize in turn key robotic automation, conveyor systems, robotic gantry, leak testers, automated torquing stations, buffer storage systems, transfer stations, conveyor systems, parts washers, loaders, end effectors, assembly lines, hydraulic presses, test units, gages, military components, panel builds, fasteners, wire harnesses and more.

We can also rework your existing equipment and modify both mechanical and control functionality and/or integrate with your new equipment.

Coupled with our Military components and Industrial Design/Build/Installation Solutions CK Concepts also offers complete project management, research & development, engineering design, programming, tooling, machining, quality inspection and training & support.

We offer the following services:

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Automated Assembly Lines

- Head Assembly Lines
- Automated Production Line
- Automated Robotic Handling Cells

assembly lines

Transfer Stations

- Palletizers
- Robotic Seat Transfer Stations
- Robotic Pick & Place Transfer
- Tube Transfer Stations
- Casting Transfer Stations
- Transfer Part Feed Systems
- Transfer Part Recognition Systems


transfer station


- Presses
- Custom Engineered Presses
- Assembly Presses
- Bench Presses
- Pneumatic Presses
- Electric Transfer Presses
- Electric Punching Presses
- Electric Compression Presses
- Hydraulic Assembly Presses

hydraulic press


- Machining Fixtures
- Testing Fixtures
- Robotic Equipment Fixtures
- Mounting Fixtures
- Industrial Fixtures

panel assembly

Parts Washers

- Cabinet Style
- Belt / Chain Style
- Palletized Style
- Walking Beam / Shuttle Style
- High Pressure Deburr
- Wire Brush Deburr
- Agile Crankshaft Washers
- Stacked Manifold Washers
- Parts Washers

stacked manifold washer

Automated Conveyor Systems

- Multi-flex Chain Palletized Loop Conveyors
- Friction RollĀ  Conveyors (Chain, Sprocket and Gear Driven)
- Over/Under Pallet Conveyors
- Accumulating Lift and Carry Conveyors
- Fly Roller Conveyors (Power and Free)
- Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyors
- Belt (Wire Mesh / Solid Mat Top)
- Mat Top and Dual Strand Chain
- Accumulating Roller Chain
- Fixtured Chain / Palletized Chain (Constant Speed or Indexing)
- Roller Conveyor (Friction Roll / Zone Control / Gravity Roll)
- Lift and Carry Walking Beam
- Shuttles and Roll Bar Type Shuttle
- Lift and Roll

conveyor systems

Conveyor Systems & Accessories

- Drives
- Escapements
- Stops
- Orientors
- Turntables
- Rollovers
- Elevators/Lowerators
- Monorail Loader/Unloader
- Part I.D. Units

intake automation

Leak Testers

- Leak Test Stations
- Fuel Leak Testers



Leak Tester

End Effectors

- Gantry / Robot End Effectors
- Pick and Place Elevators
- Buffer Storage Automation
- Elevators
- Tip Ups
- Barrel Type Rotates

robotic programming

Robotic Gantry

- Machine Loader/Unloader
- Pick and Place Units
- Telescopic Pick and Place Units
- Dunnage/Pallet Loader/Unloader
- Part Storage Rack Loader/Unloader
- Rack Shuttle Loader/Unloader

gantry cell

Custom Feeder Systems

- Automatic Feeders
- Automatic Feeder Press Stations
- Pin Feeder Press Stations

automated robotics

Control Panel Assembly

- Pneumatic Panel Systems
- Circuit Breaker Panel Assembly
- Tank Simulator Panel Assembly
- Electrical Control Panel Assembly
- Circuit Board Assembly
- System Build Box Assembly

Control Panel Assembly

Test Units

- Pressure Decay (Stand Alone Fixture Type / In-line or Off-line Transfer Type)
- Water Dunk Test (Pressure Decay and Visual Leak locate)
- Frost Plug / Cup Plug and/or Cap Insert
- Pin / Dowel Press
- Bushing / Bearing Press
- Fastener Insert and Torque Down
- Military Engine Start Up Modules
- Torque Testers

Leak Tester


- Military Lug Nuts
- MS Screws
- MS Washers
- MS Bolts
- Military Fittings
- Military Engine Nozzles
- Military Adapter Bottle

lug nuts

Wire Harnesses

- Military Cable Assemblies
- Wiring Harnesses
- Ground Support Cables
- Communication Cables
- Multiple Conductor Harness
- Cable Assemblies and Harnesses
- CoAx Assemblies and Harnesses
- Special Braiding & Shielding
- Switch-to-Wire Applications
- Power Supply Harnesses
- Assemblies and Harnesses
- Electro-mechanical harnesses
- Alarm/Surveillance & Security Wire Harnesses


military hoses

Machined Parts

- Various Manifolds
- Nuts
- Orientation Pins
- Fuel Blocks
- Lug Nuts
- Bus Bar
- Terminal Blocks
- Aluminum Modules

machined parts

Assembly Systems

- Military Windshield Assembly
- Military Air Accessory Manifold and Assembly
- Military Fuel Distribution Assembly
- Various Military Hose Assemblies
- Military Harness Assemblies
- Military Control Seat Lock Assembly
- Military Turret Lock Assembly
- Military Shut Off Valve Assembly
- Military Engine Start Assist
- Military Pressure Switch Assist

fuel distribution assembly


- Various Military Hose and Assembly
- Military Connector Sleeve

military hose assemblies


- Various Military Guards
- Machine Guards

military guards

Military Kits

- Military Kits
- Run-Up Kit
- Shock Absorber Kit
- Purging Kit
- HMS Manifold Kit
- Towing Kit