CK Concepts Engineering Design Capabilities

Precision Dimensional Layout

CK Industrial, a qualified Team of Experts in the field of Control Logic Design, Mechanical Design, Military Components, Industrial Design/Build and Program Management, is now offering you Precision Dimensional Layout Services. As a Design Team, we offer full CAD capability with experience in power train component automation, leak test systems, special purpose machines and much more.

CK Concepts also offers third party certification. If you have Check Fixtures, Weld Fixtures, Assembly Fixtures, Machine Details, Die Section, Purchased Components, Templates or Parts in general, we can have them dimensionally checked or verified.

CMM - Co-ordianate Measurement Machine


* Accuracy: 9 Microns

* Measuring Capacity: X-Axis

27.5 Inches










TOLERANCING: Bilateral Plus/Minus

True Position

Maximum Material Condition

Regardless of Size




We offer design/build services for:


intake manifold design

intake manifold design

leak tester design

leak tester design

fuel tank dunk tester design

Fuel Tank Dunk Test


fuel tank dunk tester design

Fuel Tank Dunk Tester Design


cylinder head washer robot design

Cylinder Head Washer Robot Design

internal automation (John Deere)

Internal Automation

block washers
belt washers
buffer storage systems
conveyor systems
assembly lines
robotic gantry systems
automated robots
cylinder heads
load cells
control logic
fuel dunk tank testers
torque testers
electrical systems
hydraulic systems
pneumatic systems
robotic gantry


transfer systems
machine piping
laser marking cells
intake manifold
hydraulic presses
pallet storage
parts washers
panel assemblies
manifold washers
valve spring machines
head assembly station
engine drop stations
intake automation
bar code laser etchers
military components
transmission case gantry cell