What are the Benefits of the CK Concepts Project Management Team?

Simultaneous Engineering & Management Partnership with our customers

Full CAD capability (Wire frame, 3D, Math data)

Less Administrative hassles

Once the job has been quoted competitively and then secured, our experts take over to make sure the job gets done right, on time and cost effectively.

Better Business Management

Labour costs are high. We take it upon ourselves to hire top professionals in our field to get your job done. Once we complete the work you no longer have to worry about employees, benefits, training or keeping them busy since we only work as long as you need us.

Ability to Specialize

We can take on jobs that you would not normally do because we have the people available to us. This would then allow you to do what you do best.

Increased Volume

Our sales team will bring additional dollars into your door because of their experience and professionalism.

Lower Overhead

If you wish to expand your business you do not have to expand your staff in order to get your jobs done. We'll get the jobs done utilizing our Project Management Staff.

Pride of belonging to a Power Group

Our focus is to expand your business and ours. Together we will develop a power group.

Expert Estimators

You want as many jobs as you can get. We dedicate ourselves to quoting competitively in today's market. With our experts, you will get the jobs you want.

Sales Agents

Even though we are CK Manufacturing, we will be your representative and act in your name, on your behalf thus increasing your sales force at no expense to you.

Motivation and Training

All the members of our team are a part of a specialized program to develop themselves as strong leaders in their profession.

Floor Space

We have available to us 55,000 square feet of manufacturing space which can be utilized to assist our customers with sub assembly or research and development projects.

Quality Control Plan Flow Chart

Manufacturing Quality