Gantry Robots

A gantry robot consists of a manipulator mounted onto an overhead system that allows movement across a horizontal plane. They are usually large systems that perform pick and place applications, but they can also be used in welding and other applications.

Gantry robot systems provide the advantage of large work areas and better positioning accuracy. Position accuracy is the ability of the robot to place a part correctly. Gantry robots are easier to program, with respect to motion, because they work with an X, Y, Z coordinate system. Another advantage is that they are less limited by floor space constraints.

We offer all types of Gantry Robot Design/Builds including Machine Loader/Unloader, Pick and Place Units, Telescopic Pick and Place Units, Dunnage/Pallet Loader/Unloader, Part Storage Rack Loader/Unloader, Rack Shuttle Loader/Unloaders and more.